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Continental Oil, which originated in Europe and the United States and widely circulated in Europe and the United States health caremassage, he was with the massage oil lubrication, the use of push, pressure, pinch, take, kneading, rubbing, to mention wiping such practices,to relax muscles, reduce fatigue, the purpose is the more popular off-form of massage, health care.

The effectiveness of the Continental Oil
Continental Oil Massage can help muscles to lift the feeling of tension, eliminate cramps, and promote blood circulation and the removal of the blocking scenario, European massage, you can strengthen the body’s immune system and organs of self-healing, gentle, unhurried massage can relieve muscle pain, sedation, has a positive effect on physical nervous system, reduce muscletension, and action can add a deep breath. European massage can adjust the physical curve, promote a healthy balance in the inner system to allow customers to enjoy a comfortable and deep muscle relief aromatherapy.

With soft chin and nose, massage the back and chest-sensitive parts of the first Japanese-style massage and then take a deep breath and stimulate blood circulation, make you feel like someone was teasing you. The remaining parts of the hand to help you do the massage

Rose powder elected creamy powder, masseur to the slow and gentle movements of the human body press, friction, massage, skin to stimulate nerves, refreshing, and promote blood circulation, improve and balance the metabolism; to promote the contraction ofthe muscle fibers and stretching exercises, enhanced flexibility of the muscles, and the immediate elimination of mental fatigue, relieve anxiety and tension efficacy. Necrosis, structural disorder and other pathological changes can play a significant role in thedegeneration of muscle tissue due to excessive exercise,