The Dubai taxi with integrity test

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Ibn candidates when the driver of a taxi company. Pre him a few days of training, not only explain in detail the considerations in the work, let him memorize the traffic rules, but also repeatedly warned him, no matter under what circumstances, must be honest.

Finally can be driving down the road, Ibn very happy. That morning, he was a series of pull some guests ready to get off for dinner at noon, he suddenly found the front passenger seat of a cell phone lying, is currently most popular “Apple” brand new. Ibn was seeking only to drive, can not remember which guests left behind, say, even if one knows, can not contact ah, so he received the phone is good, ready after work submitted to the company, the company to help find the rightful owners .

Unexpectedly, after a while interphone rang, company executives ordered him immediately to drive back to the company.

What happened? His loving mind, back to the company had doubts. A door competent straight face, said: “handed over the phone!” He more puzzled to know how I pick up the phone?

It turned out that the taxi driver “integrity test. Hire someone to sit Ibn car, then “accidentally” left behind something, test the driver’s reaction. The company requirements encountered such a thing, the driver must be the first time and the company contact the company linked to the rightful owners as soon as possible, because for the rightful owners to wait a minute, will be the taxi company more of a complain.

Ibn it certainly did not pass the test, and was ordered to stop the harness, re-trained, qualified, allowing once again for posts. Through this lesson, encountered a similar thing, Ibn could not neglect it as urgent matters to deal with, the total for the first time to notify the company.

Do not think that the test passed on to the end of the story, this test basically will be carried out once every three months, customers of the car, can not say which one is playing the “latent”, so the driver must always be “good faith” first place.

Variety of “integrity test” also includes, in addition to let drivers returning lost money, no detours, no more than charges not refuse hire. Ibn once encountered a few customers to go to a mall, that mall in front of less than 100 meters. Ibn politely pointed them the way they walk past, both environmentally friendly and save money. Several customers profuse, Ibn very proud he felt from the best taxi driver goes a step further.