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Six break hard at work working youth in Dubai nine to five, every day of winter, cool and pleasant always irrepressible out Shuashua mood. Tired of playing badminton tired of tennis stroll tired dog swim afraid swimming, buy information for a riding school I have to find new fun direction – we are also to play to play the Western aristocracy horseback riding!
Consequently, in a people shivering in winter weekends in the morning, my sister carrying a sleepy wore bags under the eyes all the way rampage touch to a riding club.Club near the airport, next to a soccer field, while reveling in a green can also be made payable to appreciate the flying drops of gray machine in the sky … stand at the door, we have been able to clearly feel the horses are rich excretion The material atmosphere.

The club has three training grounds, white railings will from time to time to sprinkle some water on the sand surrounded by a rectangular heap more advanced courses to the center of the field with to get obstructions near the corner of four placed a plastic barricades sketched out of a runway, waiting for horse riding.
Horses there are probably dozens of horses, they are treated is very poor, the young commander of the able-bodied greater than 30 square meters of space for freedom of activity, age of decline not only left a few teeth surface wall wall of a rope to a lead barrel a few saliva station a day.

As we set the course is 7:30 in the morning, the reception is only one selling drinks the old man, he gave us a list to fill information, and then received a 10 dirham helmet rental, brought us a bunch of helmets Let’s pick. The helmet is required to wear, club rental, big and small, to choose according to their head, these are public helmet, remove the smell, but the smell on his head. Over the top of the best friends to bring their own one.
In addition to helmets, Men at the club also saw European and American equipment control their gorgeous riding head: riding boots, breeches of the medial cortex, leather gloves and whip. But weak drop, just for fun for beginners, I think the first line of outdoor sports shoes, jeans, cotton T-shirt are sufficient to meet, because we launched the initial first few lessons are rickety look of cramps embarrassed.

The beginning of the course, two Bangladesh guy holding the horses came to the venue, and then by coach visual student tall and sturdy extent allocation horse, the horse was led to the general are of some age Laoji, lacks temper, coaches know the name of each one of them. Generally a place for four or five students in class, launched the TA will be helped to pull a good horse to be boarded and then he helped to adjust the position of the pedals, the reins of management good handed in your hands, and then lead the horse. children one to pick one lined up, waiting for the coach issued a password.

I still forget on the first section after school finished the exhausted, the entire 10 sessions is a step-by-step to repeat, so the first lesson to learn in particular, launched to control the direction, start from posture to the rhythm, to stop, come from the slow trot, in the first 45 minutes all over again. As the body should always follow the ups and downs of horse trot on the initial launched again to no avail nervous, and I fill our minds are doing to the ideological struggle not to shout for help. Fortunately, enough to coach professional at all times to remind us to maintain the correct posture and control the rhythm of the horse to ensure their safety.

Ten lesson went very well, every time before coming to class to call the club booking, our rhythm is a lesson on every week. Compare the pros and cons of the various time periods, I think riding in the morning is the best choice. To a Dubai early morning refreshing temperature is just right; and secondly, the horse early in the morning just to sleep END sleep eat breakfast energetic, can have more laps; three to weekend morning person, later, a few classes we all enjoy the VIP treatment of the coach counseling.

Buy buy courses students are basically working in Dubai expatriates, according to coach, said he has taught people a lot of women, on the whole the majority, the majority of young people. There are couples, couples file, girlfriends, the base situation file and narcissistic party. Arab children, but the main participants of the club or participate in the Junior Course, evidently only primary school students, their black robes and a white robe father and mother who dedicated the morning of the big weekend, drove them sent to horseback riding, and take the chair on the sidelines Sit down and enjoy their baby to class. Children wearing a helmet riding on the sprouting immediately sprints, looked handsome carrying protective vest. If I have a child of such age, must also take him to school.
The only ride once a week we, for the time being does not reach the efficacy of the legendary horse to lose weight stovepipe hip, but each time there will be sweating, but also the basic learn to the general riding skills. At the time of each class, the coach will be asked to personally take a horse back to the stables, then touch to accompany me on a 45-minute horse, also sweating on its neck. Although each was assigned to the horse are random, not a one and a deep friendship special feeling, but they are each a very hard one very obedient. Approached through a course, an animal to understand an animal, a value experience.

To complete ten lessons and coaches say goodbye thanks brother from Bangladesh to encourage us to keep learning, but to ask the price, the next stage of course before the relatively expensive more than doubled. Combined with summer upcoming, early in the morning will become either hot, can only thank his good intentions, to decisively end the appointment of more than two months and horse. Perhaps after the day of a ground coincidence of a horse, when I easily step onto the moment, think of the time on this wonderful horse.
School: Al Ahli Horse Riding Club,
Duration: 10 lessons, each lesson is 45 minutes
Tuition: 500 AED / 10 (buy), rent a helmet 10 dirham / (can be used to buy their own helmets, but most people choose to rent)
Official website:
Buy link: