Dubai Mall restaurant

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The stomach with food children work not tired child. Little stomach to eat a rounded, it Chenzheyese with everybody nag nag! . A good time tonight. . Came the first time in Dubai group to eat – Liu handedly Sichuan hotpot. . Always liked the cartoon picture of Dubai Webmaster Today finally saw the true colors of the leadership. . Also had the privilege to get to know a few in Dubai the Chinese Shuainan beauty. . The degree of spicy food, you can cat here again bow into a minister. . The owner is also Chun small group of children the taste of the pot is quite good, the majority of food goods should than I understand, not wordy. . The next week, ready to organize a group to eat, hehe. .

A few days ago wanted to write to the food, I hit the draft can not find slightly. . Finished, I eat too much, can not remember who is who. . A Vietnamese, a Cuban-style restaurant, selling called pink flames, muttering to wine, there is a awesome lamb chops, just like the sound of Heaven children. . Three do. . . Mad at me! I feel bad ah ah ah ah ah. . . General, I always write on the child of a few key words, names such as food, architectural style, the waiter what the future saw the wanted from the situation at the time, you can write. I recently ate a very more than three unique feeling of busy friends busy visa ah ah no care.Day, the great art cells look around turn my broken laptop, as if hidden in the pillowcase deposits mice chew the feeling. . . The cry died. .
The day finished to write his response was a handy thing, all taste the whole of the image in the mind, like just baked baked bread, gentle sweet, hot hands and refreshing. . And several days later, the memories have become a messy debris child, and then in vain want them strung together articles like dried goat liver children, hard astringent ups. .Love to write something about their feelings, but to write feelings to put themselves to the repeated experience of the furnace where the bake to bake, and then write about food the children come in handy not seriously. . After all, you can not every day love but must eat it every day. . .

Chat finish can not be so on the cross, said point with the food-related. . . Head is full of food, puzzles. . . Think, ah want. . . Think, ah think, ah, like food, think of the big lobster in a good place – Dubai Trade!

Red lobster from the United States to eat numerous times, great value and service class.From the entrance to be greeted with a smile, the meal process from beginning to end of caring. . Elsewhere must be over four hundred, 145 dirhams, you can enjoy one of the very first bite fresh lobster from the middle of the average assessed opened huge pliers remains a mighty force wanton challenge to your senses. . Steamed, garlic, and barbecue sections of the selection. . I recommend the barbecue, with the wood of the sweet. Flesh not to add too much seasoning, natural light. Pliers wrapped in the shell remains juicy meat is especially delicious. . Coupled with an unlimited supply of free with fries, vegetables, potatoes and beverages, two minutes to eat the most appropriate. .

Do not just eating the flesh even to know the flanking shell but hid a lot of meat! .
Rich fresh clam soup is very good, worth a try, a large portion of more than a few Indira than smaller portions and more cost-effective. . But the lobster soup is very bad, fishy is not clear. . Lobster pizza before 38 Indira, ultra-thin raw crisp skin, very large size, good flavor. 4 large pieces of lobster meat on top, I think that value. In particular, each post-consumer keep your bills online to answer a questionnaire you can get a return of 50 dirhams, which is equivalent to your next visit can enjoy free access Bisa Jia drinks. . .Not to be missed ah!

Where the shrimp salad is not worth 40 a few Indira 6, completely no taste for a taste of several practices is the same garbage, would rather the money for naught placed eat. .Barbed and barbed two giant crab errands looked very attractive, although it is also very good, but compare the same price of lobster, I ran lobster to each. Most worth mentioning is the waiting for free cheese bread, eating must also want the rest of the pack to go home the next day, even if the cold when the biscuit is generally tasty tight. .That I’ve ever had dragons, appeared to testify about!

Social house restaurant with fountain mouth wooden decoration, a lot of tables and chairs provides unlimited space for dining, while feeling the warmth of the sun side squint to see the fountain can also sit outside arbor. . Here you can enjoy super delicious Australian Health consumption is very small and sweet, the following salt into a pile of thin foil, eat to the taste of the sea. At first I thought those salt ice, true luxury Oh. . Drop a little lemon into the mouth of food for thought. . Their steak with a small baked potato children right, scented, the smell of there appetite. Sell ??or . Sell ??national dishes, recently my favorite is the tornado, the taste is similar to California sushi rolls with Japanese, but will sell, but win enough scores. . 38 dirhams, or willing to come to enjoy, right? Small ants and I did a sweet tooth must try their peach tea in that cup real materials put a giant peach flesh, and drink a good time, good to meet. . .

Dubai Trade and next to the Address Hotel lunch upstairs, and welcome the active girl like a cheerful little birds, all the way to guide you upstairs would also like to ask the East A West telling their own stories with. . To listen to her you have the illusion that the bird wings in your ear flap edge of forever. . There is no derogatory ah, I really like, the mood has been very expensive to keep up with her. . Large-scale sculpture outside the restaurant is great! My pen can not describe, you have only themselves to personally appreciate some. . Do not laugh! . Must go to a toilet. . Really like the fresh and lavender filled. .
The furnishings of the restaurant is very impressive, open bar, large white and blue glass, a strange altar Yu bottle, adaptation born uniforms of Huang Ju, the tassels on the cylinder. . . Each face thick menus always have the feeling can not start feeling. . The home itself chopsticks is Korean, the kind of thin silver sign, development of non-full guy like me so cerebellum certainly need to ask replaced by Chinese. . The taste of green tea seem to each have about the same. . The beef is tender, if not black pepper should be better. . Mushrooms, spinach, tofu and duck royal similar, but slightly worse. . Fan Bedin a large number, such as food rubber band, but rather the underground lady Jiang, Aberdeen, strange delicious lick the plate. .

Because the draft is lost, I left more than a dozen photographs. . Wanted the light on to explain this can also make up a food log, because the Picture Talk province thing. . Can the codeword children I like brains, do not kill the point of the brain as if I’m sorry everyone that read my blog. . Especially the recent several very good friends has told me that my fans love the children of my text, then to his / her I do not get lazy, so deliberately bother the only pictures I recalled details. . A few days ago got all want to say, but there are not in the mood to go black sesame, white sesame separate Bale. Turning now to endeavor to really contribute to not work slightly. . I was not at all excessive, goldfish head outdated forget. . Will re-code a few lines. .

Birthday meat company can choose the fountain opposite the old town (a very good taste and environment) and sheikh zayed road-sahara tower monopoly ribs restaurant, Tony roma’s. The former African birthday wishes to you sing all the men and women around the side of Citation jets heated side applaud you, oh minions myself another restaurant suddenly changed the Tribe, that tongue Rao. . Continued N for a long time until your blood boiling. . But be careful ostrich, and want to lose weight try eating certain diarrhea three-day retreat soft. . Although the latter are the girls sang the birthday song and also very impressive, anyway I  tinnitus table birthday not I a piece of cake: (and waiters sister’s smile are super sweet, but also intimate Thank you for coming what with the meditative paintings butterfly children written on the bill, with the bill the next 10% discount on its ribs great sauce, but here is the beef, I still enjoy the pork more . will try biscuit ice cream, chocolate biscuits with small round frying pan now, steaming melting above tablespoon vanilla ice cream. in alternating hot and cold give you twice as sweet. but remember to ahead 20 minutes.